The Principles Of Aesthetics
by Dewitt H. Parker

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General Works


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 l’estetique, 1913.
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Works on the Origins of Art

HIRN, Y. The Origins of Art, 1900.
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Additional References for Special Subjects

Chapter Six.–The Tragic.

CORNEILLE, P. Discours de la tragedie, 1660.
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Chapter Six.–The Comic.

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Chapter Seven.–The Standard of Taste.

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Chapter Eight.–Music.

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Chapter Nine.–Poetry.

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Chapter Ten.–Prose Literature.

SCHOPENHAUER, A. The Art of Literature.
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For additional references on Poetry and Prose, consult An Introduction to the Methods and Materials of Literary Criticism, by C. M. Gayley and F. N. Scott, 1899.

Chapter Eleven.–Painting.

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Chapter Twelve.–Sculpture.

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Chapter Thirteen.–Architecture.

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Chapter Fourteen.–Art and Morality.

PLATO. Republic, Ion, Phaedrus, Symposium, Gorgias.
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Chapter Fifteen.–Art and Religion.

LANG, A. Myth, Ritual, and Religion, 1913.
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SANTAYANA, G. Three Philosophical Poets, 1910.


Preface  •  Chapter I - Introduction: Purpose and Method  •  Chapter II - Definition of Art  •  Chapter III - The Intrinsic Value of Art  •  Chapter IV - The Analysis of the Aesthetic Experience: The Elements of the Experience  •  Chapter V - The Analysis of the Aesthetic Experience: The Structure of the Experience  •  Chapter VI - The Problem of Evil in Aesthetics, and Its Solution Through the Tragic, Pathetic, and Comic  •  Chapter VII - The Standard of Taste  •  Chapter VIII - The Aesthetics of Music  •  Chapter IX - The Aesthetics of Poetry  •  Chapter X - Prose Literature  •  Chapter XI - The Dominion of Art Over Nature: Painting  •  Chapter XII - Sculpture  •  Chapter XIII - Beauty in the Industrial Arts: Architecture  •  Chapter XIV - The Function of Art: Art and Morality  •  Chapter XV - The Function of Art: Art and Religion  •  Bibliography  • 

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