The Thirty-nine Steps
By John Buchan

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Fairly Certain

     (1)  Place where there are several sets of stairs; one that
          matters distinguished by having thirty-nine steps.

     (2)  Full tide at 10.17 p.m.  Leaving shore only possible at full

(3) Steps not dock steps, and so place probably not harbour.

     (4)  No regular night steamer at 10.17.  Means of transport must
          be tramp (unlikely), yacht, or fishing-boat.

There my reasoning stopped. I made another list, which I headed ’Guessed’, but I was just as sure of the one as the other.


Preface  •  Chapter One - The Man Who Died  •  Chapter Two - The Milkman Sets Out on his Travels  •  Chapter Three - The Adventure of the Literary Innkeeper  •  Chapter Four - The Adventure of the Radical Candidate  •  Chapter Five - The Adventure of the Spectacled Roadman  •  Chapter Six - The Adventure of the Bald Archaeologist  •  Chapter Seven - The Dry-Fly Fisherman  •  Chapter Eight - The Coming of the Black Stone  •  Chapter Nine - The Thirty-Nine Steps  •  Fairly Certain  •  Guessed  •  Chapter Ten - Various Parties Converging on the Sea

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