Celtic Fairy Tales
By Joseph Jacobs

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Say This

Say This

Three times, with your eyes shut

Mothuighim boladh an Éireannaigh bhinn bhreugaigh faoi m’fhóidín dúthaigh.

And you will see

What you will see

To Alfred Nutt


Say This  •  Preface  •  Connla and the Fairy Maiden  •  Guleesh  •  The Field of Boliauns  •  The Horned Women  •  Conall Yellowclaw  •  Hudden and Dudden and Donald O’neary  •  The Shepherd of Myddvai  •  The Sprightly Tailor  •  The Story of Deirdre  •  Munachar and Manachar  •  Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree  •  King O’Toole and His Goose  •  The Wooing of Olwen  •  Jack and His Comrades  •  The Shee An Gannon and the Gruagach Gaire  •  The Story-Teller At Fault  •  The Sea-Maiden  •  A Legend of Knockmany  •  Fair, Brown, and Trembling  •  Jack and His Master  •  Beth Gellert  •  The Tale of Ivan  •  Andrew Coffey  •  The Battle of the Birds  •  Brewery of Eggshells  •  The Lad With the Goat-Skin  •  Notes and References

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