Brown Wolf and Other Jack London Stories
By Jack London

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Boys delight in men who have had adventures, and when they are privileged to read of such exploits in thrilling story form, that is the “seventh heaven” for them. Such a “boys’ man” was Jack London, whose whole life was one of stirring action on land and sea. Gifted as a story teller, he wrote books almost without end. Some of them, “The Call of the Wild,” “The Sea Wolf” and “White Fang,” have already been recognized as fine books for boys. Others, volumes of short stories, contain many of like interest, possessing the same qualities that have made the other and longer stories so acceptable as juveniles.

Effort has been made by the editor to bring together in one volume a number of such stories, not for the reason alone that there might be another Jack London book for boys, but also in order to add to our juvenile literature a volume likely “to be chewed and digested,” as Bacon says, a book worthy “to be read whole, and with diligence and attention.” For my belief is that boys read altogether too few of such books. Or perhaps it would be more correct to say, have too few opportunities to read such books, because so often we fail to see how quick in their reading their minds are to grasp the more difficult, and how keen and competent their conscience to draw the right conclusion when situations are presented wherein men err so grievously.

It is hoped the stories presented will serve to exercise both the boy’s mind and conscience; that seeing and feeling life and nature as Jack London saw and felt it–the best and the worst in human nature, with the Infinite always near and from whom there is no escape–seeing and feeling such things boys will develop the emotional muscles of the spirit, have opened up new windows to their imaginations, and withal add some line or color to their life’s ideals.

Franklin K. Mathiews, Chief Scout Librarian, Boy Scouts of America.


Introduction  •  Brown Wolf  •  That Spot  •  Trust  •  All Gold Canyon  •  The Story of Keesh  •  Nam-Bok the Unveracious  •  Yellow Handkerchief  •  Make Westing  •  The Heathen  •  The Hobo and the Fairy  •  “Just Meat”  •  A Nose For the King

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By Mathiews
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