The Money Master
By Gilbert Parker

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Etext Editor’s Bookmarks For “The Money Master”, Complete:

Air of certainty and universal comprehension
Always calling to something, for something outside ourselves
Being generous with other people’s money
Came of a race who set great store by mothers and grandmothers
Confidence in a weak world gets unearned profit often
Courage which awaits the worst the world can do
Enjoy his own generosity
Good thing for a man himself to be owed kindness
Grove of pines to give a sense of warmth in winter
Grow more intense, more convinced, more thorough, as they talk
Had the slight flavour of the superior and the paternal
He had only made of his wife an incident in his life
He was in fact not a philosopher, but a sentimentalist
He was not always sorry when his teasing hurt
He admired, yet he wished to be admired
He hated irony in anyone else
I had to listen to him, and he had to pay me for listening
I can’t pay you for your kindness to me, and I don’t want to
I said I was not falling in love–I am in love
If you have a good thought, act on it
Inclined to resent his own insignificance
Lacks a balance-wheel.  He has brains, but not enough
Law.  It is expensive whether you win or lose
Lyrical in his enthusiasms
Man who tells the story in a new way, that is genius
Missed being a genius by an inch
No past that is hidden has ever been a happy past
No man so simply sincere, or so extraordinarily prejudiced
Not content to do even the smallest thing ill
Of those who hypnotize themselves, who glow with self-creation
Philosophers are often stupid in human affairs
Protest that it is right when it knows that it is wrong
She was not to be forced to answer his arguments directly
Spurting out little geysers of other people’s cheap wisdom
That iceberg which most mourners carry in their breasts
The beginning of the end of things was come for him
The soul is a great traveller
Untamed by the normal restraints of a happy married life
You can’t take time as the measure of life
You went north towards heaven and south towards hell


Epilogue: Introduction  •  Chapter I: The Grand Tour of Jean Jacques Barbille  •  Chapter II: “The Rest of the Story To-Morrow”  •  Chapter III: “To-Morrow”  •  Chapter IV: Thirteen Years After and the Clerk of the Court Tells a Story  •  Chapter V: The Clerk of the Court Ends His Story  •  Chapter VI: Jean Jacques Had Had a Great Day  •  Chapter VII: Jean Jacques Awakes From Sleep  •  Chapter VIII: The Gate in the Wall  •  Chapter IX: “Moi-Je Suis Philosophe”  •  Chapter X: “Quien Sabe"–who Knows!  •  Chapter XI: The Clerk of the Court Keeps a Promise  •  Chapter XII: The Master-Carpenter Has a Problem  •  Chapter XIII: The Man From Outside  •  Chapter XIV: “I Do Not Want to Go”  •  Chapter XV: Bon Marche  •  Chapter XVI: Misfortunes Come Not Singly  •  Chapter XVII: His Greatest Asset  •  Chapter XVIII: Jean Jacques Has An Offer  •  Chapter XIX: Sebastian Dolores Does Not Sleep  •  Chapter XX: “Au ’Voir, M’Sieu’ Jean Jacques”  •  Chapter XXI: If She Had Known in Time  •  Epilogue - Chapter XXII: Bells of Memory  •  Chapter XXIII: Jean Jacques Has Work to Do  •  Chapter XXIV: Jean Jacques Encamped  •  Chapter XXV: What Would You Have Done?  •  Etext Editor’s Bookmarks For “The Money Master”, Complete:  • 

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The money master;: Being the curious history of Jean Jacques Barbille, his labours, his loves, and his ladies,
By Gilbert Parker
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