Ragged Dick
By Horatio Alger

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  To Joseph W. Allen,
  at whose suggestion this story was undertaken,
  it is inscribed with friendly regard.

“Ragged Dick” was contributed as a serial story to the pages of the Schoolmate, a well-known juvenile magazine, during the year 1867. While in course of publication, it was received with so many evidences of favor that it has been rewritten and considerably enlarged, and is now presented to the public as the first volume of a series intended to illustrate the life and experiences of the friendless and vagrant children who are now numbered by thousands in New York and other cities.

Several characters in the story are sketched from life. The necessary information has been gathered mainly from personal observation and conversations with the boys themselves. The author is indebted also to the excellent Superintendent of the Newsboys’ Lodging House, in Fulton Street, for some facts of which he has been able to make use. Some anachronisms may be noted. Wherever they occur, they have been admitted, as aiding in the development of the story, and will probably be considered as of little importance in an unpretending volume, which does not aspire to strict historical accuracy.

The author hopes that, while the volumes in this series may prove interesting stories, they may also have the effect of enlisting the sympathies of his readers in behalf of the unfortunate children whose life is described, and of leading them to co-operate with the praiseworthy efforts now making by the Children’s Aid Society and other organizations to ameliorate their condition.

New York, April, 1868


Preface  •  Chapter I. Ragged Dick Is Introduced to the Reader  •  Chapter II. Johnny Nolan  •  Chapter III. Dick Makes a Proposition  •  Chapter IV. Dick’s New Suit  •  Chapter V. Chatham Street and Broadway  •  Chapter VI. Up Broadway to Madison Square  •  Chapter VII. The Pocket-Book  •  Chapter VIII. Dick’s Early History  •  Chapter IX. A Scene in a Third Avenue Car  •  Chapter X. Introduces a Victim of Misplaced Confidence  •  Chapter XI. Dick As a Detective  •  Chapter XII. Dick Hires a Room On Mott Street  •  Chapter XIII. Micky Maguire  •  Chapter XIV. A Battle and a Victory  •  Chapter XV. Dick Secures a Tutor  •  Chapter XVI. The First Lesson  •  Chapter XVII. Dick’s First Appearance in Society  •  Chapter XVIII. Micky Maguire’s Second Defeat  •  Chapter XIX. Fosdick Changes His Business  •  Chapter XX. Nine Months Later  •  Chapter XXI. Dick Loses His Bank-Book  •  Chapter XXII. Tracking the Thief  •  Chapter XXIII. Travis Is Arrested  •  Chapter XXIV. Dick Receives a Letter  •  Chapter XXV. Dick Writes His First Letter  •  Chapter XXVI. An Exciting Adventure  •  Chapter XXVII. Conclusion

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