Opera Stories from Wagner
By Florence Akin

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The Wishing-Cap

Loki was very sly and cunning. While Alberich boasted, he was planning how he might trick the dwarf and take his gold.

To Alberich he said: “Surely, you will be the mightiest of men. But suppose that while you sleep, one of your slaves should creep upon you and steal your ring?”

Alberich smiled. “There is no danger of that,” he said. “I will show you a trick or two. Do you see this helmet? It is a magic helmet. With it I can make myself so no one can see me, or I can change myself, quick as a flash, into anything I wish to be. So, you see, I am perfectly safe.”

“I never heard of such wonders,” answered Loki. “I really cannot believe it.”

“I shall prove it to you,” said the dwarf, never dreaming that the sly Loki was only laying a trap for him. “What form will you have me take?”

“Turn into anything you wish. Only let me see it done and then I shall believe.”

Alberich put on the helmet. “Ho! Monster Dragon, come!” And quick as a flash he turned into a huge dragon.

Loki pretended to be frightened. As the fierce monster squirmed toward him, he made believe that he was going to rush from the cave.


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