Opera Stories from Wagner
By Florence Akin

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A Song of the Present

As the second Norn took the thread in her worn hands, she crooned a sorrowful song about the present.

She sang of Alberich and the stolen gold. Of the love that he had given up in order to make the ring.

She sang of Wotan and how he grasped the ring and carried it into the world, bringing with it Alberich’s curse.

Then she told of Fafner.

Mournfully she sang:–

“It has robbed all who have had it of their freedom and happiness.

“It has brought envy and discontent to those who have struggled to gain it.

“Now Wotan’s magic spear is splintered.

“Oh! How this gold has tangled all my threads!” she wailed.

Her long, gaunt fingers pulled and worked at the knots, but all in vain.

She could not straighten out the snarls.

“Sing, oh, my Sister, sing!” she cried. “You know what the end will be.”

And she tossed the snarled threads to the third Norn.


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