Opera Stories from Wagner
By Florence Akin

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Wotan and Brunhilde

Now that Wotan’s wife had gained his promise, she turned back to Valhalla.

Wotan buried his face in his hand and cried out in despair:–

“Oh, woe and shame upon the giants! What I love best I must give up. I lose the friend I hold most dear. All my hopes are vanishing. A short time and the giants will be no more.”

Loudly he moaned: “This is the curse that clutched me when I snatched the glittering gold.”

Brunhilde knelt at Wotan’s feet, and, looking into his sad eyes begged:–

“Tell me, Father, what thy child can do. Trust me, Father!” she pleaded. “Tell me all your woe.”

Wotan took her hands in his and told her the story of the ring.

How he had taken it from the finger of the dwarf.

How he had stooped to trickery and had stolen the gold with which to pay for Valhalla.

He told of the sad hearts of the Rhine-daughters, and of the greedy Fafner, lying at the door of his forest cave, guarding his hoard.

But last of all, he told of the dread of Alberich’s curse.

He told of his fear that the black Nibelung might regain the ring and by its power destroy Valhalla.


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