Opera Stories from Wagner
By Florence Akin

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The Awakening

At length Siegfried went softly to Brunhilde’s side.

He stood and looked upon her sweet, heroic face, and love came into his heart.

Bending low, he tenderly kissed her.

Brunhilde slowly opened her eyes.

She looked up at the blue sky and the smiling sun, and cried:–

“All hail to thee, thou glorious sun in heaven!”

The flowers slowly opened their petals, the birds began to sing.

Brunhilde’s horse awoke and neighed his glad call.

Brunhilde looked upon Siegfried.

Slowly her memory returned.

As she remembered Wotan’s words: “Only he who knows no fear may claim you for his bride,” she knew at last her hero had come.

She looked into Siegfried’s strong, brave face, and as he told her of his love, she no longer wished to go back to Valhalla.

She knew that she loved Siegfried with all her heart, and she promised to be his bride.

She told him that she would always be happy when she was by his side.


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