Opera Stories from Wagner
By Florence Akin

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A Change Comes Over Siegfried

As Siegfried drew his blade from the breast of the dying dragon, a drop of its black blood fell on his finger.

It burned like fire.

Siegfried quickly put his finger in his mouth.

The instant the dragon’s blood touched his lips, a change came over him.

He could understand the words of the little bird singing in the tree:–

  “Now the gold is Siegfried’s!
  Now all the gold is Siegfried’s!
  Go into the cave, Siegfried!
  Go in! Go in!
  Find the helmet and the ring!
  The helmet and the ring are Siegfried’s!
  Take them! Take them! Take them!”

Siegfried went through the brush in the direction from which the monster had come.

When he found the cave, he peered in.

All was deep, dreary darkness, but Siegfried had not learned fear.

He went in and found the gold, the helmet, and the ring.

But he did not need the gold. Its weight would only hinder him.

He looked upon the wishing-cap, but surely no one could turn into anything better than a hero, and Siegfried was already a hero.

What use could he have for a wishing-cap?

A hero does not try to make believe he is something which he is not.

He is brave enough to be just himself.

But the little bird fluttered at the door of the cave.

“Take the helmet and the ring, Siegfried! Take the helmet and the ring!”

“I will obey my little friend,” said Siegfried.


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